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New tools allow you to:

  • View pedigrees up to 10 generations
  • Calculate inbreeding and ancestor loss over 8, 9 or 10 generations.
  • View lists of all known ancestors.
  • Search for dogs by name, registration, date of birth, country of birth, health reports, and more.
  • View the pedigree of a test mating, and perform inbreeding calculations and analysis over 8, 9 and 10 generations.
  • Search for a prospective sire or dam and exclude all dogs descended from a dog or bitch that you nominate.

A simple search box is available in the top left corner on each screen. To search for a Swedish Vallhund please enter the registered name, or part of the registered name of the dog you wish to look up, WITHOUT TITLES, and then hit enter or press the "Search" button. You will need to log in to use enhanced features such as Advanced Search, Test Mating & to add photos.

For example;
"Freddy Dog"
NOT "CH Freddy Dog"

To keep a little control over the dogs in the database only moderators and admins of the website enter information into the database. If you want to have your dog(s) added or update information on existing dogs you can contact us by email, Facebook, or fill out the "submit pedigree" form.

This database is constantly updated and maintained by volunteers. Please donate to cover hosting and help us keep it always online and available to all.

The site is compatible with all modern browsers, but large pedigrees (those over eight generations) perform better in Chrome and Edge. Firefox has some difficulties with recursive CSS Grids which can make the pedigree display a bit laggy.